Wpf binding not updating property

03-Sep-2020 20:41

It’s not hard to imagine code that ends up looking like this:[code language=”csharp”] public abstract class Base View Model : INotify Property Changed public class My View Model : Base View Model [/code]This all tends to work really well for simple scenarios…but what if your View Models need to be a lot more complicated than that?Things like error handling and else have been omitted. I thought I’d share my findings here so it might be of any help if you would run into this issue yourself.

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I want this listview to be updated not sure how to do it , i have tried using the onappearing and typing in the Listviewname.itemssource=Records; but this is showing an error "this does not exist in the current context" any help in the right direction would be appreciated.What if you have read-only properties that are computed from the values of other properties?

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