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At that point in time, I hadn't seen her since, like, the Fugees blew up. Chocolate Bear is a real nickname of mine, and Vanilla is really his nickname that I call him. If Bill thought it was funnier than the actual button that was there, he would use your improvisation. Right now, I'm huge into golf, so watching Rocco swing the golf club is my dream. When and if we're together, we've got enough to play a full game of dodgeball. We did a little PSA-type movie—don't sell drugs-type shit. " I called her up and asked her, "Will you come to my house and practice these lines for this audition? I had a pile of laundry that sat on top of the washing machine. Neil Flynn did a lot of improv because he comes from that background. My oldest son is 18, I have twins that are 16, and I have a 13-year-old, who is about to be 14. He does it every now and then—not well, but he does it. And if I had my brother's kids with us, forget about it.

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What is your real-life relationship with Zach Braff like? As we speak, she's inside the restaurant eating sushi.

"When we find out The Janitor's real name," said Lawrence, "then the show really is over." Of course, everyone wanted to know if Chalke would be filming more How I Met Your Mother.

While Chalke claimed ignorance - "I don't know what's happening with that," she said - Lawrence butted in.

This kid, who had it all together, had this crew of people to back him up, and they worked together to make Parker Lewis never lose! He's been divorced from his wife about five years, and he refuses to ever get married again. I'm doing an independent movie right now with Terrence J, Paula Patton and Laura London, but I can't say much just yet.

That show was the best version of what I was hoping high school would be. I play this guy Phil, he's a sports agent and a ladies man. Zach Braff will be leaving Scrubs at the end of this season. "We cried when [Lawrence] said he was bringing in younger actors," said Sarah Chalke.

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