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It brought us a little closer and gave us a better understanding of ourselves and each other.

Ok, so I am not finished reading - ah, the night is young, but I am shocked by how, well, out of date this feels.

Drawing on surprising examples from the ancient and recent past, along In this provocative and highly personal book, bestselling author Naomi Wolf explores a subject that has long been taboo in our society: women's sexual coming-of-age.

Drawing on surprising examples from the ancient and recent past, along with vivid recollections of her own youth, Wolf shows how our "liberated" culture still fears and distorts female passion.

At several points in the concluding chapter, I wanted to write in my book, "I couldn't help but wonder . Promiscuities is so great I'd like to staple it to my arm -- to keep with me always.

The book is a collection of alarming real-life stories from Naomi's (and her friends and acquaintances) young girlhood and beginnings of womanhood living in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco. -phallocentric sex is patriarchal bullshit.-men need to learn how to please women.

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We, apparently, have no promiscuities to promise the cuties. It doesn't even really account for empowered female sexuality within the confines of the second generation of the sexual revolution, which rings a bit stilted.She also shares fascinating true stories that illustrate the fantasies and sometimes crippling realities women pass through on their way toward erotic and emotional discovery.A landmark book, Promiscuities is a call to women of all ages to reclaim and celebrate their sexuality.What I learned from this book: a heightened sensibility of how we honor or deny women’s desire.

I’ve been taking Naomi Wolf’s thesis seriously, that in the last 40/50 years we’ve learned to dis a woman’s sexual desire.

I bought it when it first came out, but somehow never got to it, even though I am a pretty big fan of the Wolf (she's a cutie, too! What is most astonishing is not '60s through late '70s, Bay area teen perspective, but how, well, second wave it feels, or maybe 2.5 wave.