Who is daisy delahoya dating

28-Oct-2020 09:45

Daisy De La Hoya is the gal behind the reality series Daisy of Love, who also vied for Bret Michaels' affection on Rock of Love 2.But now Daisy's receiving attention for an entirely different reason: As it turns out, she was dating Corey Haim at the time of his death yesterday morning.Not sure what their reason is but I think most fans, including me, would have loved to see a reunion for both shows. Why would I have gone on another dating show if I wasn’t into the girl? But if you want to see why I’m really here and give it a shot, let me stay.” And she went for option B. Daisy De La Hoya chose rocker/heart breaker, London, whom she had earlier eliminated to be her “Daisy of Love.”In a new interview with VH1, Flex talks about his time on the show, not being that into Daisy, plus his bromance with 12 Pack. What did you think about her reaction to you giving her the picture of your son?Below are excerpts from his new interview –, everyday you thought you might get eliminated. On this show it was more or less just a free for all and I was actually into the chick, so it was really a good time. It’s cool because me and her are cool now, and whenever she’s in town she’ll give me a call, or if I hear something in the news about her I’ll make sure she’s still doing OK. Off topic, why is he wearing so much eyeliner in the above photo? When I watch the show – we watch it together every Sunday – it’s like he’s throwing me under the bus and making fun of me and stuff, and I’m like, “Wow, dude.” ‘Cause I would never say nothing bad about anybody so I’m just like, “Wow, that’s just gonna make you look bad, idiot.”It’s funny that you came off as one of the most sensitive guys on the show, yet unlike so many of the others, you didn’t really cry after you were eliminated. Not saying that it was a bad reaction, but she’s got to understand that I’m a package deal. I got to let them know that I come with more than just a bang.

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Is there anything to be said for you just playing the game? Some of the other guys had kids or girlfriends or had been married and divorced, but not me.

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