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“Whenever she or I come upon it, whether being sat at table 23, or assigned seat 23 on a plane, we almost-always and/or involuntarily think about the other.” In fact, Mraz proposed on the magical 23rd of December.“We both see this being a long engagement, but would love to get married within the next 2.3 years,” said Mraz. When VF Daily caught up with the former Roxy model, she told us about an unexpected vocal-cord surgery and how she “lost” her voice after her split with pop singer Jason Mraz. I went to Bali and Australia, New York and Costa Rica, and then I started feeling guilty because I was having so much fun traveling.Highlights from our chat: I have been on quite the journey. It was supposed to only be a year to take some time for myself and travel. I came back home and started writing and recording, and then I noticed I was having some vocal issues.Initially Garrett was focussed on recording early versions of songs like Yea It's That Easy and This Ain't living which combined street influences with classic blues instrumentation.

In 1993 T-Time flew to New York to meet with an LA producer with connections to Michael Jackson (arranged through a family friend). Love and Special Sauce (as the trio was now called) signed a record deal and released their first album in 1994.You collaborated with Jason Mraz on your very first album.Were you friends back then, or was that the beginning of your relationship?“We are still super friends, we go to yoga together, we surf together. We certainly want each of us to feel whole and complete.

And it’s when you’re whole and complete that that attraction exists and it really thrives,” Mraz concluded. We have a feeling the story of these two crazy kids isn’t over yet.

I was feeling a little burnt out after the last record and about six years of touring. It turned out I had two polyps in my vocal cords and ended up getting surgery, which made it another year with the recovery.