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13-Jan-2020 04:37

But at least now I know that she was already fucked up, and my own fucked up desires had nothing to do with the way she is. The difficult bit is understanding our sexual motivations for ourselves, since one of the prices we pay for living in our "sexually laid back" society is that we've moved the guilt into anything to do with children or childhoods. It's what you act on that determines who you are. Growing up, many people learn their boundaries one way or another.Some people have clearly defined ones due to astute parental guidance, and other people have to learn through trial and error.I'd be constantly worrying what he was doing to her when I wasn't looking.I did something similar when I was younger..I'm fairly certain that my sister knew about it..was into it.I got bolder and would actually climb up on her bed to do what I had to do.She never work up, and she never by word or action or look made me feel she knew what I was doing. I would be mortified if one of the people who had done that to me brought it up. I wish you and OP the best of luck with everything. My stepbrother came into my room for two years and touched me in my sleep. I shared a room with my sister, and if I locked the door she'd get angry- what about a fire? This is how I know he was only doing it to me, and not her.We moved to a new house and again her room was next to ours. I continued doing it for the next two years until I left for college. I'm the type that just wants the past to stay there. I'd see a therapist for your other items though as they seem to affect your relationships."As a young girl, I had to play dead too sometimes."That is so heartbreaking, and I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm also ok (relatively speaking), and happy you are too! I still have to see him at family gatherings, and my disdain for him is near impossible to mask. It created distance and resentment between myself and my family. I was completely miserable, depressed, drank, did drugs- my parents thought I was a problem child, going through teenager rebellion, etc.I knew what I was doing was wrong then and I know it now. thanks for listening and letting me get this off my chest. When I brought my boyfriend to meet the family, he had to pretend like he knew nothing. The rift between my parents and myself was so hard to mend, and they still do not know why.

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I have thought about talking to my sister (we live thousands of miles apart) about this many times, but I can’t bring myself to do it. A few days ago I read a post from a guy who did a similar thing only he got caught. I should also add that in addition to all of that- I personally feel guilt for not reporting it. If you're not a threat to children, and only you can answer that, then I suggest you forgive yourself for something you did when you were young. I could never forgive myself if I had a son and then a daughter.

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