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VETRI aims to empower people across the globe by enabling them to collect their digital footprint and partake in the data economy.We've stopped the development and sale of AVChat on 1st of September 2018. For similar products we recommend looking into Web RTC based alternatives like https://or Tok Box Video Chat Embeds.You do not have to change any of your habits or act in any specific way.Just be who you are and share the information you are willing to share in a completely anonymized way.allows you to share your ideas while protecting your intellectual property.When you register your document, we make a unique fingerprint of that document and register it to your name.

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Within just a few minutes you can customize and tailor each step of the installation wizard to gather information from the user and perform necessary tasks such as database installation or file creation.

As the sole owner of your data, you get to decide who can use it and for which purpose. VETRI uses blockchain technology, ensuring trust in the marketplace and guaranteeing smooth transactions between data owners and data buyers.

VETRI is designed as a not-for-profit, peer-to-peer platform, built by the Swiss company Procivis AG.

We offer high-quality web applications and services for individuals and small businesses.

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Social Script is a powerful custom social networking software that lets you start your own website for any type of online social community within minutes.Once inside, these visitors will also be able to invite their Facebook/Twitter friends to join the chat.