Validating multiple checkboxes using javascript rowupdating in gridview

29-Feb-2020 13:47

validating multiple checkboxes using javascript-31

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All you need to do is extend the command, in which case the form will be submitted.You'll see that the all validation scripts presented on this and subsequent pages adhere to the same basic format.Let us look at the HTML code showing two check boxes: See the demo The textarea for ‘work permit’ gets disabled if ‘No’ is chosen for ‘Willing to work abroad ?’ and vis-versa We write on Click event handler for each of the options.Here an example of a checkbox group: If you want something that acts, looks and feels like a radio button, then you use a radio button.-- Randy Chance Favors The Prepared Mind javascript FAQ - Best Practices - The purpose of a form validation script is to return a boolean value ( to reference form fields, but that can lead to namespace conflicts and why make things more complicated than necessary.When the form is submitted - either by hitting Enter or clicking on the Submit button - the to abort (cancel) the form submission. In a real-life situation you will most likely have more fields to check, and more complicated conditions, but the principle remains the same.

So i have places to insert the stop validation code, but just cant find any that works.Hi, I have a form that contains multiple groups of checkboxes that act like radio buttons (at the clients insistance).