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If you’re not comfortable with granting an app access to your account, simply click “cancel” on the authorization page to decline the app’s access.We also suggest you regularly review third-party apps which have access to use your account to confirm that you still want to give them access.Apps may ask for the following permissions to access certain information in your account and take certain actions: Apps with read, write, and Direct Message access to your Twitter account will have access to view your information and take actions as described above in the Read and Write sections, and will also have the ability to: send Direct Messages for you, view Direct Messages you’ve sent and received, and manage and delete your Direct Messages.Remember that each communication participant has their own copy of the communication — deletion of a Direct Message will remove it from your account, not the accounts of the other participants to the communication. Remember that when you authorize an app to access your Twitter account or take actions on your behalf, the app may use, store, and share your information in accordance with its own business practices.You can learn more about the specific access in the “App permissions” section.: You should be cautious before giving any third-party app access to your account.wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors.

When you give your username and password to someone else, they can gain complete control of your account and can lock you out or take actions that cause your account to be suspended.If you are unsure about whether a login page for a third-party app is using OAuth, go directly to and enter your credentials there, and then navigate back to the app.If the app is using OAuth, the app should not require you to enter your username and password again.Clearing the Twitter app's data cache on your device can sometimes resolve login issues.

You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app or rebooting your device to clear any temporary data that's being held by the app and to reset the connection to your account.Immediately revoke its access on the Apps and sessions section of your account settings and change your password.

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