Updating intellisense hangs 2016

19-Sep-2020 12:02

updating intellisense hangs 2016-32

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I found that my Peacock extension was putting 48 files in the package. First, I added some file to the # Files I excluded ISSUE_PULL_REQUEST_node_modules/**/test/** # After webpack, we have more to ignore node_modules out/ src/ webpack.This is a great question, and one we should definitely ask.I mean, after all, to make any code change there has to be some value.

Some extensions have so much functionality in them that they can slow down over time.Visit read the full documentation and download the latest release of DAX Studio. Support for Display Folders and ability to hide hidden objects from metadata pane. Minor update to fix connectivity issues with Analysis Services 2012.. Support for multiple result sets, added connection to SSDT Integrated Workspaces, automatic refresh of metadata after editing data model, notification when a newer version is available, improved metadata search performance, and the search box now stays open when it has keyboard focus. New option to enable Trace for Direct Query events, added rows and KB to Server timings tab, optimized calls to DAX Formatter service, small bug fixes, and minor improvements. Editor features: Parameter UI, Auto-Save, Goto Line, Option to zoom and set font size in results grid, links to dax.guide into function tooltips, hotkey Ctrl-Shift-N to open a new query Other improvements: Updated Data Provider libraries for connecting to Azure AS, Power and Power BI Desktop, Support for Power BI Aggregation events in Server Timings and All Queries traces, Digitally Signed, Optimized tracing of Direct Query for newer engine sources Many bug fixes.There are thousands of VS Code extension to choose from and many of us have several installed.

They do everything from lighting up your favorite language, formatting your code, or even colorizing your theme.What can you do if one is taking too long for your tastes? ) Recently the VS Code team released the ability to use Web Pack to bundle the files in extensions.