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09-May-2020 16:05

So, before you put out a pile of money to have that work done, try connecting your modem directly to the demarcation point to verify if your inside wiring is to blame. The demarcation point (or demarc for short) is a small box on your phone line that defines the end of Bell's responsibility and the start of your responsibility for repair and maintenance of telephone wiring.

The demarc is usually located on the outside of your house, although on some old houses it may be located inside.

Snap counts are what really matter; teams use their nickel scheme more during a season than their "base defense." A guy like Collins may not play the first snap of the game but could be seen more over the long haul in passing downs.

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If the demarc is inside, there may not be a box around it at all; you can identify it by looking for a block with some screw terminals with red and green wires connected to it.

NOTE: Telephone wiring is low voltage and unless you are standing in water holding both red and green lines when the phone rings, the risk of shock is very low.

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Upgrading the phone lines inside your house may certainly help.