Ultrasound accuracy in dating pregnancy

06-Sep-2020 13:20

states that obstetricians are under no obligation to perform routine ultrasounds in low-risk women; however, it is reasonable to honor a patient's request for one.This is an interesting sidebar that provides some latitude in an otherwise firm stance echoing the RADIUS trial findings.

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"While these scans are very accurate, this does not guarantee the future viability of the pregnancy," notes Manglani.At first glance, it may appear that some of these studies do not report consistent findings in terms of ultrasound's overall accuracy in predicting gestational age.One must keep in mind, however, that there are differences in both the statistical analysis and in how the results are reported.In this case, the tech may attempt to get the baby to move, or will schedule you for a repeat ultrasound." You can also discover your baby's sex around week 20 (or a few weeks earlier).

Importantly, as American Pregnancy Association reported, you won't be 100 percent sure of your baby's sex until his or her birthday, especially if like to play hide-and-seek when you go in for a scan.My first ultrasound simply verified my due date, and that I hadn't miscarried or developed an ectopic pregnancy.

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