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" Maybe that type of passive-aggressive behavior will come up while Travis and Aubrey are in Marriage Boot Camp...because while Garland and O'Day have a lot of similar musical history to share, they don't really seem like they're focusing on marriage just yet.Boy bands are a gift to anyone who loves ridiculous things.Oh, and NLT's songs are still online as well, if you want to really cringe about the music that was only vaguely embarrassing in 2009.Travis Garland is the lead singer from an old boy band NLT (Not Like Them: 2003-2009) The band broke up around late 2008 but was confirmed by Garland on his blog in early 2009.

He is best known as the former lead singer of the boy band NLT which consisted of Kevin Mc Hale, Justin Joseph "JJ" Thorne and V Sevani.In 2007 NLT released their Timbaland-produced single "She Said, I Said (Time We Let Go)" and scored their first Top 40 Hit.They continued to tour, and caused a female fan girl frenzy headlining a national House of Blues tour aptly titled "The 2009 Bandemonium Tour" along with V Factory and Menudo. Garland wrote & demoed a song titled "Sexy Together", but passed on it; the song was eventually modified by its producers and was then sold to Justin Bieber under the title of "Never Say Never".O'Day, formerly of Danity Kane, is currently in a new group called Dumblonde with Shannon Bex, one of her ex-bandmates.

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Similarly, Garland is also in the music business, as a singer and former member of a group — just like Aubrey.Garland's big break came on reality TV, post NLT, with, as EW says, "the support of the world's biggest gossip blogger turned music mogul, Perez Hilton, who brought Garland to the attention of Idol producer Simon Fuller." That gave him the boost he needed back in 2010.