Tiny tiny rss not updating elaine mellencamp dating penske

11-Oct-2019 23:11

By selecting the "All articles" Special entry in the left hand pane, then ensuring "Unread" is selected in the first drop down in the right hand pane (see last screenshot, where it is already there for the "Fresh" articles). All the unread articles (which I've previously read on Google Reader) can be marked as read in the Actions menu.

However, the UI does not appear to update, and a manual refresh of the web page is needed.

It has a PHP/My SQL backend with a nice looking, heavily Java Script-driven frontend.

It's pretty easy to install, has a ton of features, a choice of methods for updating feeds (daemon, cron, background PHP while using the site), and even a plugin architecture.

Please update this option in // if necessary (after migrating all new options from this file). Since the whole thing is running on a Raspberry Pi, I tried Arch again today.

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This is a fork of "Tiny Tiny RSS Notifier" by Andrew Dolgov (of tt-rss.org). This version contains the later unpublished feature: "improve click action: open site_url in empty/existing/new tab" and other improvements (Options UI with sync support).And it's open source and you can install it on your own server -- excellent.:) The install is simple -- setup a DB in either My SQL or Postgre SQL and import the appropriate schema, make sure you have some web server with PHP and the PHP dependencies installed, then drop the source files in a folder, edit the config files, and go.As a quick interim step, I installed Liferea on my Ubuntu desktop, which at least reminded me of how to export from Google Reader via OPML and prompted a bit of feed cleanup.

I found Liferea was not a good permanent solution, because it required that I be either at my desktop or at least have it running all the time, and usually I keep it suspended when I'm away from home.

However, there are obviously over 1000 articles unread. This is because of the "Special" category shown in the left hand pane.

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