Stamps com tracking not updating

17-Oct-2020 12:58

After printing the shipping labels, come back to T-HUB Order processing screen and click on the Refresh View button (Or simply close and reopen the order processing screen).This is needed to process the tracking number received from UPS and mark the order as Shipped.If you encounter errors in database installation Please restart the computer and try from step 4 again as sometimes Microsoft SQL Server installation expects computer to be restarted.The T-HUB home screen is arranged in several panels as shown below Online Stores : This panel has functions to connect to your online stores and configure preferences related to each online store.Starting with T-HUB version 10.401, you can ship packages with UPS Online (direct shipping through your UPS account).

If tracking number did not come into T-HUB and the shipping status in T-HUB did not change to Yellow or green then most likely your UPS World Ship is not setup to send tracking to T-HUB after label printing Please note the Order number here must be numeric. So if it is amazon order number, remove all dashes.

Resources : Provides help and update links Follow these steps to update your T-HUB installation. Use Prefix option if you want to prefix your website order number with some characters.