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To the south of the Downs in the western part of the county are the sandstone Surrey Hills, while further east is the plain of the Low Weald, rising in the extreme southeast to the edge of the hills of the High Weald.The Downs and the area to the south form part of a concentric pattern of geological deposits which also extends across southern Kent and most of Sussex, predominantly composed of Wealden Clay, Lower Greensand and the chalk of the Downs. It contains valued reserves of mature woodland (reflected in the official logo of Surrey County Council, a pair of interlocking oak leaves).Box Hill has the oldest untouched area of natural woodland in the UK, one of the oldest in Europe.

The Atrebates are known to have controlled the southern bank of the Thames from Roman texts describing the tribal relations between them and the powerful Catuvellauni on the north bank.It has also been speculated that the entries for the Nox gaga and Oht gaga peoples in the Tribal Hidage may refer to two groups living in the vicinity of Surrey.Together their lands were assessed at a total of 7,000 hides, equal to the assessment for Sussex or Essex.The names of possible tribes inhabiting the area have been conjectured on the basis of place names.

These include the Godhelmingas (around Godalming) and Woccingas (between Woking and Wokingham in Berkshire).

Towns of between 25,000 and 30,000 inhabitants are Ashford, Epsom, Farnham, Staines and Redhill.