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Its first single “Other Side of Love” was launched via i Tunes on 10th of June 2013.

Its second single “Entertainment” was released on 25th of June 2013.

Sean Paul started scoring popular singles in Jamaica in the year 1996 and gradually attracted global attention thereafter, eventually branching into the pop mainstream in the year 2002 along with Dutty Rock.

Born in Kingston Jamaica on 8th of January 1973 to parents Frances and Garth as Sean Paul Henriques. From age 13 to 21, he played for the country’s polo water team. He attended the well known Wolmers High School for Boys; Belair School.

Sean Paul is of African, Portuguese, Chinese and Sephardi Jewish. For his secondary education, he joined Hillel Academy High School.

He then joined college of Arts, Science and Technology which is now called the University of Technology. Sean Paul launched his first single, “Baby Girl”, along with producer Jeremy Harding in the year 1996.

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Both songs helped to thrust his fame further in USA.His next album “Imperial Blaze” hit the market on 18th of August 2009.