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to be reimbursed upon release from prison for monies that were deducted from their inmate accounts for room, board, court-ordered restitution, fines, etc.from jobs they held which allowed them to earn money above the prevailing WIPP (Work Incentive Pay Plan) wages.Here are some resources we are aware of in Maricopa County.They may not be up-to-date and these resources might be full. We endorse none of them; they are only listed here in order to provide a starting point.Only mentally ill (documented by psychiatric testing) persons and other physically disabled persons, who may also happened to have been in prison, are eligible to receive social security disability benefits, but NO ONE qualifies simply because they have been incarcerated.This is a rumor that has circulated among the prisoner population for years and is simply not true.It can do this by giving the applicant the opportunity to explain and by making follow-up inquiries necessary to evaluate his/her credibility.

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If a person provides false information about a former felony record, there are always subject to termination and, in some cases, prosecution for lying on an application.Will Vucurevich, Program Manager, East Valley Men's Center (480) 610-6722 Steve Collins: has group homes : Ledbetter (602) 695-3500 Chris Downing (has houses near 15th Avenue and Roosevelt that rent rooms to SO's; about 0/week) 602-696-8114 Maricopa County Probation Dept./Housing Coordinator, Note: You do not have to be on county probation to call him and ask for some suggestions about where to go for housing.Remember, the county probation department supervises hundreds of sex offenders and they know where each one of them lives.While a conviction record constitutes reliable evidence that a person engaged in the conduct alleged (i.e., convictions require proof beyond a reasonable doubt, even for those who are convicted via a plea agreement), an arrest without a conviction does not establish that a person actually engaged in misconduct/violation of the law.

Thus, when a policy or practice of rejecting applicants based on arrest records has a disparate impact on a protected class, the arrest records must not be related to the job at issue, but the employer must also evaluate whether the applicant or employee actually engaged in the misconduct.WE DO NOT ENDORSE, INVESTIGATE OR SUPPORT ANY OF THE BELOW AGENCIES OR PROGRAMS. Sex offenders have the most difficulty of any type of ex-offender of locating housing upon release from prison.