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14-Jan-2020 12:07

'I walk by studio heads and they actually look and put their hand out now, like maybe I should be on their radar.I used to be so pissed off, like, "I just did a movie for that guy and he walked past me", not because of my behaviour but because I was never in anything that was of any particular consequence to their day-to-day business, whereas now they're like I'm one of their heavy hitters.'Downey's rare, instinctive gift for inhabiting a ­character has earned him many awards and superlatives since he starred in Less Than Zero at the age of 21.Few could have anticipated such a turn­around, but in the past five years, after five previous years of hopeless, humiliatingly public run-ins with the law, Downey has found another way that suits him: Pilates, Eastern philosophy, meditation and Wing Chun Kung Fu.The road to recovery really began in 2003, when Downey met his wife-to-be, the producer Susan Levin, on the set of Gothica.Après ma sortie, il m'a encore fallu du temps pour comprendre...

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His name had become a tragic byword for the impact of drugs on a brilliant career.With Hollywood's confidence in him restored, he is now carrying the 6 million blockbuster, Iron Man.

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