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In order to make sure that the correct information gets into your task manager, you need to make sure you answer a couple of questions when entering your tasks: The key to managing your task manager together with your calendar is to review it at least once a week to make sure everything that should be on your calendar is there.

That’s the time to go through your projects and see which tasks need attention, which can be deleted, and which ones get promoted to the calendar.

If you don’t carve out time from your day to focus on your most important work, you will probably get sucked into simply responding to the urgent requests of others.

If focus time really is a priority for you, you need to create the space for that activity to happen.

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The goal of using your task manager and calendar together is to complete things as efficiently as possible.

In order to use your task manager effectively, there are a couple things we should define: It’s important to have a firm understanding of these core concepts before you start capturing everything you need to do into your task manager.

The ability to distinguish when something is actually a project and then break it down into actionable steps is a very important skill, and one that you will use when capturing information.

We cover this topic extensively inside our private training library the Dojo.

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There are a three different types of events that should go on your calendar: The practice of time-blocking (creating blocks of time to a accomplish your important tasks) can be a very effective way to consistently take action on the important tasks that tend to fall through the cracks when you get busy.I personally use the practice of time-blocking to set plan out every hour of my entire week: You don’t have to plan out your entire week if you don’t want to, but I find it helpful to have a “Canvas” calendar where I know where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing from a high-level perspective. ” This is the approach I take to managing my calendar.