Redating the new testament by john at robinson

12-Jul-2020 12:56

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John Taylor writes:'According to the separate traditions, Moses, Confucius and the Buddha all had a period of some forty years in which to establish a way of life among their followers.The Prophet Muhammad had twenty-two years for passing on ...“I really have no more to say than thank you — to my long-suffering secretary Stella Haughton and her husband; to Professor C. Yet, as in archaeology, datings that seem agreed in the textbooks can suddenly appear much less secure than the consensus would suggest.For both in archaeology and in New Testament chronology one is dealing with a combination of absolute and relative datings.

As he presents it, there was in modern times up to about the middle of this century a more or less agreed pattern of the origins and development of European civilization.The immediate effect was greatly to extend the time span.