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If you want to be able to communicate with whatever's on the other side of the camera (whether it's your pets or your parents), make sure you go for an option that includes two-way audio.You'll also need something with an alarm if you want to scare off intruders and record them as well, though this is a less common feature.Some, like our current top security camera recommendation the Arlo Ultra, even deliver 4K resolution.We've also tried to limit this list to cameras that can serve up alerts that are reliable and actually useful – if your camera is pinging your phone every time a leaf blows past, you're soon going to get tired of having to check it.

Whether you want the highest quality video resolution, the simplest access to your camera feeds, the smartest motion detection or just the best value for money, we can help by suggesting the right model – read on for our picks of the best security cameras available in 2019.

Testing at twilight on a clear evening, the Arlo managed twenty minutes longer than its competitors at low light before switching to its night vision mode, still pulling in a clear and colourful image.

At night, though it lacks the full IR LED array of Swann's camera, the Arlo captures enough light to see a good distance, and there's an adjustable spotlight available if you're placing it outdoors – which neatly brings us to the fantastic motion detection.

Trying to track down the best security cameras, best home security systems, or best IP cameras in 2019 isn't always as easy as you might like, because of the huge number of models to pick from – but this comprehensive T3 guide should help.

The good news is that installing some home security tech has never been so simple.There's even a package detection algorithm, where a doorstep-pointed Arlo can spot when your latest online purchase has landed and alert you as much. If you have the Arlo plugged in via its magnetic cable, you can configure detection hot zones, outside of which it'll ignore motion – handy if you live near a busy road, for example, but the power requirement somewhat nullifies its otherwise wireless nature.