Ra dating resident

22-Oct-2019 22:07

Create a list of items around campus or the residence that the teams have to find and then take a picture with.

The first team that manages to get pictures of every item on the list wins a team prize, such as a pizza dinner.

You serve as a mentor, academic and social advisor, and a responsible upperclassman resource to your residents.

Therefore, you will need to know about any specific needs of your residents.

A resident adviser (RA) is a staff member who's a senior-level student.

They're assigned to a specific area of the residence and their duty is to oversee the students that live there.

RA program ideas for upperclassmen and other students include a form of speed dating but for friendships. Place a handful of questions on small slips of paper and place them folded up in small jars.Holding an “Adulting 101” seminar is also a way to help students see eye to eye.