Proposal for updating school curriculum

16-Aug-2020 01:19

2015 - 2016: Pioneer Network established 2015 - 2019: Design and development phase of the new curriculum September 2016: Digital Competence Framework available December 2017: Digital Professional Learning Approach (DPLA) Available 2017 - 2022: Practical support to schools to prepare for the new curriculum April 2018: Initial National Approach to Professional Learning Available (Phase 1)April 2019: National Approach to Professional Learning Available (Phase 2) April 2019: New curriculum and assessment arrangements available for feedback January 2020: Final curriculum and assessment arrangements available April 2020: Full Implementation of National Approach to Professional Learning (Phase 3) September 2022: All maintained schools and settings using the new curriculum and assessment arrangements The first teaching of all year groups from primary school to Year 7 will begin in September 2022 and the new curriculum will roll out year-on-year from this point.A plan for designing and developing the new curriculum and assessment framework has also been developed in collaboration with Pioneer Schools and key stakeholders.The radical new approach to the design and ongoing development of the curriculum and the way in which it is taught is wholly consistent with the philosophy of trusting and empowering professionals.Initial Teacher Education and Training will also be transformed in line with Professor John Furlong’s proposals in his report Teaching Tomorrow’s Teachers.

Note: The number of changes refers to the total number of changes simultaneously being proposed to a single program.

The Pioneer Schools Network is working as part of an all-Wales partnership with: A new group of 25 Pioneer Schools joined the original cohort in January 2017, giving added impetus to work on the six Areas of Learning and Experience which contain the subject content.

Regardless of their initial focus, all Pioneer Schools work closely together and with their clusters, networks and wider stakeholder groups, to involve as many schools as possible in this exciting work.

Sponsors may opt to include changes to individual courses and program requirements in a single Process D proposal.

Note: A 4 1 Dual Undergraduate/Graduate Program can only be proposed when both the related undergraduate and graduate programs exist.A single proposal may make changes to mulitiple courses from the same department or program.