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The website was brought under control in 1997 by the CCP .website contains more moderators than members at a ratio of 22:1, due to this each comment is reviewed and edited before being posted on the website User original comment: "does anyone want to go for a pint down in Mc Carty’s” Message posted:"Buy Chinese low alcohol rice beer” 2nd user reply: “man your such a scab drinking that sh!According to some reports, we're the second best police force in the world, and this is mainly due to unarmed policing (Iceland getting the No. Changing this would radically change the force as a whole.I think we definitely need more armed Gardaí, but it can't come from the current workforce without them being replaced.It's already a very different job to when I joined, and the now retired members say that it's a shadow of what it formally was, for better and for worse. No one ever prepared me for the amount of paperwork.

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Stupidly, I thought it might have been something like on tv, investigating, catching the bad guys and sending them to jail. The rules and law can be stifling, hindering and sometimes just doesn't work.

If gun crime was a rife here, I'd definitely be cautious the whole time, knowing that this simple traffic stop could be the end." "As for the arming.

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