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28-Aug-2020 19:27

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Like any good idea, it takes work to make them successful, and one on one meetings are no different.

As I’ve spoken with hundreds of leaders and managers as we’ve developed Lighthouse, I’ve heard a series of misconceptions, or myths, contributing to people failing to have good one on one meetings.

One on one meetings can be a casual, more laid-back meeting.

Some managers have them over lunches, taking walks, or even over beers.

If they bring it up in a one on one meeting, it’s important to them and they will usually want you to remember it.

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While younger, less experienced members of your team may need more attention and coaching, it’s a mistake to think that your more experienced people don’t need any.

They’re also an opportunity to talk about growth, feedback, and ideas, all in a safe, private setting. As Ben Horowitz, startup CEO, investor, and author of “Absent a well-designed communication architecture, information and ideas will stagnate and your company will degenerate into a bad place to work … Or, maybe you don’t even have a door; they can just walk right up to your desk in the middle of the office.

one-on-ones provide an excellent mechanism for information and ideas to flow up the organization.” Reality: No matter a person’s age, they still have goals, feedback, and ideas that are best discussed in one on one meetings. But, there’s a few problems with relying on this: “My door had always been open!

I’d assumed that that would guarantee me a place in the loop, at least when it came to major sources of tension like this.

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Not a single production manager had dropped by to express frustration or make a suggestion in the five years we worked on Toy Story.” Reality: An open door policy is helpful, but does not provide the same opportunity for regular, structured discussions about what’s important to them like a one on one meeting does.If they know there’s a low pressure meeting every week or two to talk about issues, they’re much more likely to bring them to you. There’s so much you can talk about that you’re leaving a lot of value and opportunity to learn and fix problems on the table by not having them regularly (i.e.- weekly or bi-weekly).