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20-Nov-2019 23:25

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how long dating before moving in

It is not the specific amount of time, but the nature of the commitment that evolves between you and a boyfriend that should determine the relationship between your child and a significant other.

Keep your dating life relatively separate from your family life until you know someone well enough to feel they would be a good friend to your son.

It is not a matter of competition, so jealousy is lessened from the start.

Second, maintain appropriate boundaries during the dating process in order to protect your child from primary attachment to someone who may just be passing through.

You cannot know the future, so just stay with the present.

First, there is no magic time frame for an introduction.

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I am afraid my son won't want to "share" me with anyone.

After that, they come to realize that in order to be completely happy they need a loving partner to share their joys and sorrows with. How to understand that you are with the right person? If you are on the same page as to the most important things and you feel the affinity of souls, congratulations – you are meant to be together.