Novell patchlink licenses not updating

16-Sep-2020 05:25

This package consists of a whole plethora of management goodies covering just about everything from servers and desktops right down to laptops and handheld devices.The latest iteration of the product boasts improved hardware and software inventory control, system imaging, remote control and automated policy management.As you might expect the suite supports both Microsoft's Active Directory and Novell's e Directory.The product doesn't require you to install the Novell Windows client, but if you do install it, it does let you take greater advantage of the suite's backup and remote control facilities.The impact of this is kept as minimal as possible, and we provide information below to answer the most common questions and to make this transition go as smoothly as possible.The change to the licensing system has happened on January 20th of 2019 so it is important you take action.It's a dream to install, with plenty of well-crafted documentation to help you along should you get stuck.And though there are a whopping twelve discs in the box, the modular arrangement of the different functions means you can pick and choose which features to install and don't have to install everything at once.

This is a quality product that will not only help systems administrators get to grips with their infrastructure, but would also be of use to Netware shops looking to ease themselves over to a Linux environment.These are billed through Amazon AWS directly and use a different licensing system that does not need this update.