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14-Oct-2020 08:53

My theory is based on personal experiences and dozens of discussions with my friends, family, and even perfect strangers — in other words, this is my personal opinion and not a research paper (at least, not yet). That said, I’ve formed a hypothesis that I believe can help people avoid making bad decisions, post-breakup.Routines like going to the gym and even getting out of bed took 50 times the effort they normally did.My mind was constantly racing, I had a hard time focusing on school and at work, and I felt anxious all the time. I had a spring in my step, my mind was clear, and I had a productive day at work.

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Lo and behold, I found that history was repeating itself: three weeks of misery, followed by a similar transformation.I lived with these symptoms for exactly three gut-wrenching weeks. I didn’t have to reread each page of my textbook in order to understand it, I didn’t overthink, I wasn’t jittery or anxious — I even to go to the gym. It’s worth mentioning that apart from the passing of Day 21 into Day 22, nothing significant had occurred or changed.