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Strong authentication factors help build a circle of trusted identities, but the perimeter needs layers of trust.Think of it this way: Phone calls are one way people attempt to infiltrate personal perimeters.It makes sense: The digital transformation is pushing security professionals to rethink their internal technologies and strategies.As more is accomplished through digital means, they have to develop new ways to identify and verify users — human or machine.Security professionals rely on identity to meet the challenges of this environment.Durand said identity will be the catalyst of the digital transformation across all industry verticals.

Now, of course, boundaries are more blurred and fluid than ever as devices with network access have multiplied and technologies intersect in the digital atmosphere, Durand said.Instead, they know that each person is a port into the network and have figured out — often through social engineering and phishing emails — how to breach our identities.From there they can access endpoints and networks using verified authentications.But the calls that come from a known identity, such as a number from your contact list, get a positive response. We must be able to verify trust in the identity before we allow it into our access perimeter. Your IT team should be able to validate known identities and their levels of access.

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Your security team should be able to spot higher risk identities trying to penetrate.

Calls that come from anonymous or unknown numbers are often filtered to voicemail to verify their legitimacy.