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Here are a few ways to ruin your chances of ever getting head again. Don’t just sit there badgering her about why she won’t do it. Maybe her gag reflex is horrific and she can barely even brush her teeth without an issue.Bottom line, if you want to know how to get a blowjob, don’t ask her why she won’t if she refuses.Some actually enjoy going down on their man and giving them a good time.But it’s common for girls to avoid it because they just don’t really enjoy it much.

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And then she’ll be more willing to do something nice for you. [Read: Lick, suck, swallow – 20 sizzling blow job hacks you have to discuss with your girl] What not to do Even though I just gave you a whole list of ways to actually get a blowjob, I know a few of you will try your other methods, and I would advise that you not do that. Ultimately, it’ll probably result in her leaving or refusing to even have sex. [Read: Female confessions – The feeling of oral sex for women] #3 Ask her why she never does.They don’t find it to be fun or rewarding in any way. Mostly, they dislike it because it doesn’t give them anything.They usually aren’t turned on by it, so they don’t see it as a means to get something themselves.This will not only make it more interesting, but she’ll learn what you like best for the next time. There is no way a girl will continue to go down on you if you can’t make her finish.

This doesn’t even have to be by you going down on her.You are leaving the CAP COM Federal Credit Union Website.

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