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10-Jun-2020 21:19

Very little is known about her, as she keeps much of her personal and social life away from the paparazzi that follow superstar boyfriend Verstappen. Verstappen was so smitten with Sanlik that he quickly invited her to dinner with his family, including racing legend Jos and sister Victoria - who is also involved in motorsport.

She is reportedly a German student, hailing from Munich, but currently studying in London. Many were only short-term relationships including with Instagram models Joyce Godefridi and and Roos Van Der Aa.

Mostly I was just making a joke about ambers tweet.

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Jax seem like they genuinely respect each other’s feelings so I hope it can turn out to be something real.

I could be wrong, but I just get the feeling that they are friends. Also I'm pretty sure the show stopped filming around early May and only films for 6 weeks so I'm not sure if I'd call that moving on fast.