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27-Mar-2020 08:58

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I can't even fathom the possibility that any women would find me attractive.Girls don't compliment me, they don't check me out, and they certainly don't ask me out.Regardless, other men, how do you feel about never having dated? I have no problem talking to girls, and I have many close female friends.My problem is that I'm rarely really attracted to a girl until long into the friendzone.Thanks for any advice you guys can give, it could motivate me..I am in the same boat as you with the approach and all, i just cant do it, i do not think i am attractive enough or confident enough to walk up to and hold a conversation with a girl i find attractive.I think most of these things tie to the fact that I'm not very comfortable doing new things without guidance. I am perfectly fine with someone showing me the first time and then I will do it on my own.

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Dates cost money and I don't have that much currently.However, I can't really make myself concerned about it - it just seems like a waste of energy to me, worrying about it.-Fear of rejection-Fear of expressing attraction-Being picky about women-Not being in many social situations which allow me to socialize with women I find attractive-My circle of friends is a sausage fest-Being on the lower end of average as far as looks go-Easily frustrated and discouraged-Strange, off putting personality21, here. Its not like i have a low thinking of myself, i am actually quite muscular and in shape, however hairy on breast and stomach.

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