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22-Jul-2020 15:10

Through example of the Roman Catholic Church, we have seen what can happen when you deny the basic human need for intimacy.The worst, albeit most traditional “solution,” is to marry the boys off so they can “learn” to be heterosexual.But that biblical commandment does not give us license to ignore or abuse the significant number of carefully observant Jews who are LGBTQ. The contemporary Orthodox approach to these individuals, with a few notable exceptions, has proven worthless or even dangerous.Orthodox yeshivas will tell you that they simply don’t have such students.

The stipulations, such as remaining in the closet or being celibate for life, are fanciful rejections of reality. The individual bound by it lacks any real , complete acceptance, to fulfill or not violate the stipulations, for doing so would go against his or her own identity.

For gay students to survive in such an environment, they must not give any hint to their orientation, which in the hot-house of yeshiva life soon becomes a radical form of self-denial.

When this tension cannot be sustained, their rabbis, parents, charlatans and quack “healers” often prescribe “conversion therapies” that not only don’t “cure,” but actually damage both the body and soul.

We do not have any support system in Judaism for such a course.

Judaism is so nuclear family-oriented that being single is considered a sin or a waste or, at best, a misfortune.

There ceremony was attended by more than 200 guests.