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23-Oct-2019 00:08

I really, really suggest you actually TALK with the guy about your concerns.

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And who gives you the right to judge them or tell them what they can do or not?

Communication solves everything, and in the worest-case scenario where the guy turns out to be all the horrible thing your friend told you he'll be, then dump him then.

Not now, before you even had a conversation with him.

And yes I realize this is a complete generalization and everyone's different but some opinions or advice would help a lot. Your father was definitely a cow boy, you live in a desert, you love country music and you say "y'all" all the time. Yes, Lebanon as a country has a lot of conservatives, but we have a lot of liberals too.

It's ridiculous and I can't believe I have to type it out, but I will, just because the guy you're dating might be worth it. It ultimately depends on how you we were raised and your life experience.I never really thought much of it but a girl I work with is Armenian and went offfff when I told her I was dating a Lebanese guy.

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