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30-Apr-2020 07:13

The products reviewed on this site fit into different types of learning format.

The learning format you choose can depend on how comfortable you feel with going to public events for dating skills development and what type of a learner you are.

Conquer & Win is about becoming a confident man, advanced social skills, getting dates, great relationships, and personal growth.

I’m Eddy Baller, the founder of Conquer & Win, and a dating coach who focuses on personal development to change men’s lives. Approach Like A Gentleman and Get Dates There’s no reason why you can’t approach an attractive woman and do it in a way which creates an awesome experience for both of you.

With confidence coaching, you’ll be able to walk tall and proud, feeling a strong sense of security and self esteem. For more info and to apply: Confidence coaching application I’ve been teaching men how to improve their love lives since 2011.

My experience from going on over a thousand dates, thousands of approaches, and years of experience coaching, give me a unique perspective on romance and relationships. For some guys, confidence in the dating world and being able to approach anyone are the most important.

Don’t allow your love life to be random and unpredictable anymore.

Go here for more info: Dating coaching application and video Although I’m located in Vancouver, online coaching is available worldwide. Stay accountable and develop a new mindset which will take you farther than you ever thought possible.

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”After 18 years of personal development, and over 1000 dates, I’ve learned what it takes to attract women and make great friends.

The end goal of my programs is to make sure you’re more confident than ever, and have options so you can get into quality relationships. No sleazy ‘pick up artist’ tactics are used, and confidentiality is assured.

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