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They are looking to start construction as early as late 2013, with the first phase projected to be completed by 2016.

The current mall is not in the short term plans, but it is intended to be redeveloped eventually.

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The project has been funded by generous grants from the National Geographic Society (8) and is affiliated with the American Schools of Oriental Research.

We would also like to thank the Ecole Biblique and Dr.

This project is affiliated with the American Schools of Oriental Research.

The Shiqmim site was first discovered by Alon during his survey of Chalcolithic sites in the northern Negev foothills in the early '50s.

However, the full significance of this settlement for a multidisci- plinary investigation only became apparent during a survey by the authors which commenced in 1977 (5). COHEN, Chief Archaeologist for the Negev, for his help in solving many of the logistical problems of the expedition and Mr. E1TAN, Director of the Israel Department of Antiquities for permission to publish this material.

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