09-Nov-2019 06:47

We've got some experience sifting through these rumors - we've been at it for over a decade - and nothing we've picked up suggests anything more than that. Well, a similar shape and size to previous launches (with three phones mooted for unveiling at the new i Phone 11 launch) but they won't bring amazing changes just now.

If you're interested in what's coming next, then we're predicting 5G, whether the Lightning connector will finally get dropped, and Will we get the i Phone 11 'Pro' this year?

So could Apple do what's been rumored for years and simply go for the 'new i Phone' as the 'main' XS replacement, and stick with the same i Phone XR name, albeit with a small spec upgrade?

As mentioned, the i Phone Pro could be added to the mix, bringing it into line with its i Pads (and indeed Mac Books) in terms of their naming, but we're rather doubtful of that.


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What is of more interest is whether Apple will be pushing the i Phone 11R (if indeed it does call it that) as the i Phone XR is the phone that's most prominently featured on its homepage - suggesting the cheaper phone could almost be the star of the show this year.That prediction was bolstered by an analyst from Wedbush claiming that the three new i Phones launched in 2019 will all go on sale at the same time - the i Phone 11, 11 Max and 11R would all be on sale at the same time thanks to the production process being so much more mature this year - again, suggesting little in the way of upgrades.And it might not be just the new i Phone range that launches on this date, we may well also get the Apple Watch 5 then too.With news that Apple isn't selling as many i Phones as it previously forecast, there's a chance the i Phone 11 will be priced more affordably - although we reckon a price freeze, rather than a reduction, is a more likely move by Apple.


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That said, the new i Phone 11R could be a touch cheaper - depending on the new camera technology.

We have an idea of how the upgraded handset will look - and what features Apple will include.

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