How to be more accommodating

29-May-2020 01:44

With these new IOLs, as the ciliary muscle contracts, the accommodative lens contracts with it, curving and thickening to allow for focusing up close. Essentially, an accommodative IOL is the closest thing to the natural lens of the eye.

The only accommodating IOL currently approved by the FDA is Bausch Lomb’s Crystalens.

But if successful, these new technology lenses also going to be big news in the treatment of presbyopia, even for patients without cataracts.

Many industry experts believe that accommodating IOLs provide the best potential treatment option for presbyopia given the fact that the lens is the vision-degrading culprit.

Most monofocal IOL patients opt for distance vision, then use eyeglasses for near vision.

Given the current estimate of Americans with cataracts is only 25 million, the AAO is clearly expecting a surge over the next 30 years.

Fortunately for cataract patients, there are a growing number of treatment options available, particularly in the area of intraocular lenses (IOLs).

Traditionally, patients have had two options when it comes to selecting an IOL: monofocal or multifocal.

An ambitious IOL indeed, but probably one that’s quite a few years from becoming a viable alternative.

To learn more about the Sapphire Auto Focal IOL, check out The development of such new and innovative IOLs is sure to be welcomed with open arms if the AAO cataract estimates are correct.

A contracted ciliary muscle increases the focusing power of the lens by increasing the lens curvature, catering to near vision.

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