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Although, female sex tourism exists in smaller numbers.Sex tourism is an industry worth billions of dollars that is estimated to have millions of sex workers involved worldwide, and the practice can be legal or illegal, depending on regional laws, whether the activity is consensual, and whether children or sex trafficking are involved.However, thousands probably also flock to Colombia hoping that every woman will look like beautifully curvy, Colombian native Sofia Vergara.Indonesia is another country that has a problem with child sex trafficking.Sex tourism exploits and furthers this problem, despite the fact that prostitution is legally considered a ‘crime against decency and morality.’ Although prostitution is illegal, Indonesia remains a popular site for sex tourism.Sex workers can be found in traditional brothels, but one thing that sets the sex tourism industry in Indonesia apart is the popularity of online sex forums and prostitution rings that exist through social media.Below are some of the top destinations in the world for sex tourism: prostitution is legal in some, but not in all of the countries listed.Many Caribbean countries are seeing a rise in sex tourism, especially female sex tourism, and the Dominican Republic is no exception.

A child’s virginity is often extremely valuable and will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.Amsterdam’s notorious red light district caters to every kind of fetish and kink and the best part is, it’s (relatively) safe.Like many other places on this list, the driving force behind the flourishing sex tourism industry in Kenya is poverty.Prostitution is legal and well regulated in Amsterdam, which arguably creates safer conditions for sex workers.

Prices in Amsterdam generally range from 35-100 Euros, depending on the time of day, as well as the client’s age and attractiveness.

It is estimated that anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 women work in the sex trade in the Dominican Republic, and many cross over from Haiti as well.

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