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24-Feb-2020 15:24

New York, Chicago and New Orleans all have great bar scenes where it is easy to start up a conversation with a lovely lady.Vote on this list of the best countries to meet women and help singles everywhere find their perfect mate.However, everyone’s experiences are different and yours may vary as well. (I tried some of these apps, and even with Google translate I was overwhelmed).If you assume that all Korean guys are cute, friendly and thin like K-pop idols, you will be sorely disappointed. I’ve gone on dates with tall, short, thin and muscular Korean boys. Depending on who you ask, Tinder can be heaven or hell – especially in a foreign country.TIP: In North America, it’s normal to hold hands and even kiss on the first date.In Korea, A guy may want to hold hands, but kissing on the first date is a big NO. If he tries to kiss you, don’t be surprised if he tries to take you to a love motel afterwards.The guy will pay for bigger things like dinners, and the girl will pay for smaller things like coffee. If a guy is interested or if you are dating, he will message you every day or almost every day.Almost every guy I’ve dated in Korea has asked me two questions on Kakao.

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On top of that, eastern European women are known to be friendly, beautiful, and intelligent.A guy may give you a “confession” (confess his feelings for you) on the first date and ask to be exclusive. It’s up to you to use your judgment on if you want to be exclusive with him right away or not.If you want to get to know him more, feel free to say no. On the other hand, I’ve dated guys who never “confessed”. This is something I wish I knew before I came to Korea. It’s a safe bet that even if you are seeing someone, if they suddenly stop replying to your messages and leave you unread on Kakao that it’s over. He said he’d drive me to the grocery store and help me carry my groceries to my house (bags are heavy! Needless to say I showed up to E-Mart at the time we agreed, but he was nowhere to be found.If you are trying to travel to meet girls, it may be a good idea to head to an Eastern European country.

Australian women are also known to be quite pretty and a lot of fun.If you want to practice your Korean and he insists on speaking English, make sure you don’t get taken for a ride.