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27-Sep-2020 16:32

Let me show you 8 simple ways can promote your daily dog walking service.

I use the word simple because many of them don’t take that much effort but their rewards can last years after you do them.

If you are unsure about what I mean, I have a 30-minute interview with the incredible Lain Ehman who gets paid thousands of dollars to make her clients multiple six figures through their messaging.

They require less back and forth to their home and it is typically Monday through Friday in the middle of the day.Blogging (or inbound marketing) can really help your business.I have done it myself for both of my companies and I have seen pet sitting companies that I help coach just grow tremendously by blogging the right way.The person I learned everything from is Marcus Sheridan.

He is an incredible teacher whose philosophy about blogging about the Big 5 will work every time if you do it. Consider yourself lucky being here with me because I am about to tell you about an incredible idea that I had years ago and used successfully in my own pet sitting business.

If you can understand your pricing strategy enough, this can really work to your advantage.

Though it’s a relatively small country, it can be hard to find cougars in Puerto Rico without being pointed in the right direction.… continue reading »

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