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It’s about figuring out wellness and compassion, about health, both spiritual and physical.I was paralyzed by it a month later, and began a long, slow process of fully recovering.Struggling to deal with the loss of my brother, and already dispirited by the extreme isolation I faced while raising the kids primarily alone way out there on a hill, exhausted by Mikey’s unraveling anger issues and violence, I discovered that he had been both lying and unfaithful to me.________________________ Moving forward, this blog is a site is about how-to’s: how to travel on a dime (with kids, and as a single mom).I was working hard and bending backwards at my job when the another big thing happened: My mother found kiddie porn on my Dad’s computer.Educated, intelligent, funny, charismatic, good-looking. Healing from that, the next big thing came around: I found that my my second child was diagnosed with diffuse fetal hydrops, given a chance like “0%” at living past birth.

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We moved from Fiji to Hawaii when I was 14, mostly related to income (like, my parents needed to make money).

Instagram: #365dayswithdisability Down syndrome, stories, campaigns, etc are all at A Day in the Life with Down syndrome.