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I went up, slowly, i knew what was coming, literally.

I walked in her room, the lights we're turned off, she told me to turn them on, as i did, i saw her beautiful naked body lying there on her bed.

I did so, and i told my friends i had a headache and had to leave, i followed her to her house, she invited me in, i sat on the settee and the clock said 9.40pm.

Then i slipped my tounge into her mouth, she seemed to enjoy this more, as i put my hands around her hips, we both stopped and had a good snog in the drizzling rain.

American in Germany for a while to help with family business. I am seeking a hard working, reliable polish husband who can re-locate to London, England for marriage and companionship I seek a man to have a make a child and life with in UK. I consider myself as honest Kuwaiti man, loyal, funny, intelligent, caring, gentle, understanding, sincere, faithful, family oriented and I like to travel, cooking, gardening, painting, jogging , watching movies and Im..

I will be enrolling in a language class but for right now Im looking to meet someone who speaks at least some English.

It is not like they are all hot, but usually there are 2 or 3 girls that shine above the rest and more than meet my spec. The price for airplane tickets and hotels will be very high because of the high season. There is an option to delay the trip with 1-2 months but honestly can't wait. I would probably pass on the trip if I had the option to wait 1-2 months.

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And shagging a good-looking girl is the whole point of visiting a place like this if you ask me. But if it will be a tourist madness, high prices and low numbers of working girls. You never know, but Christmas and a family is a big thing for them.

I awoke to the sight of my mother crying in the corner and my dad asking me if i was alright, i answered and asked what the time was, he answered with 8am, "I heared about what happened son..." he said.