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"There's no two ways about it: sharing decision-making power at the highest levels across all stakeholders in health systems is paramount" Read @Germann Stefan et al.

on committing to the engagement of young people to invest in their health ✊ 📰 U ERt59Jw #DYK High cost of care and lack of representation in policy-making processes were listed as some of the biggest health concerns for young people.

Hier kunt u uw profiel plaatsen, andere mensen zoeken, berichten versturen en ontvangen, en dat is allemaal gratis, we hebben geen betaalde diensten.

Sie können Ihr Profil anlegen, suchen, Nachrichten senden und bekommen ganz kostenlos, wir bieten keine Leistungen gegen Entgelt an. Nydq The @friendshipbench is an initiative in Zimbabwe supported by @GMental Health that allows young people to have one-to-one counselling sessions with health workers to improve young peoples ability to cope with stressful experiences #Mental Health Vw Gm Hhe78MLD An initiative by PRIDE, @harvardmed, @Sangath Goa, @the PHFI called @itsoktotalk_in publishes stories from young people facing #Mental Health challenges.

Their website acts as a safe space for youths to share their experiences connect with others 📝 Kfx The results from the #Tech4Health survey show that young people are most concerned about their #Mental Health.

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Great to see @UNICEF collaborate with African citizens, including young people from across the African region, to create a Youth Advocacy Guide to empower young people with the skills to bring positive change to their communities ✊ @voicesofyouth We are proud to support innovative projects across the globe that are positively impacting the health wellbeing of children young people 🌍 On #World Photograph Day... 📸 Learn more about our work here ▶️ LS BHl L @Fondation Botnar are supporting a special ‘Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence’ Research Topic on “Reimagining Health Systems: leveraging AI/ML for Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)”.Have you seen results of the #Tech4Health survey yet?Read the main takeaways here ▶️ MXmh MNw Du0H4 The UK government's new program will use #AI #Health Data to improve preventive care.find out why young people want to be involved in the decision-making around their own health care access.

@Fondation Botnar @PMNCH @Women Deliver @devex @PATHtweets Great read in @Tech Crunch on the need for transparency, public engagement and collaboration in #Urban Planning.

To ensure patients have autonomy over their data, they are developing models of consent so individuals can choose how their information is shared 📰 @Computer Weekly QU AI And Healthcare: what we need next is to move from theoretic benefit and evangelical sales to established use cases and robust, clinically-relevant data.