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Viewers have seen a lot of their favorite doctors come and go, and the reasons why the cast members themselves have left are always interesting.

Whether it's because of a change in direction for the show's plot or behind-the-scenes drama, there's a story behind each actor's departure.

in Season 6 after a run as a reoccurring role as pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins in Season 5. in Season 6 mostly as an antagonist to the other doctors and became a main cast member in Season 7, where she stayed until the end of Season 14, when, like Jessica Capshaw, she left over creative differences.

She left the show during Season 14 after a dispute with the producers. Knight was also one of the original cast members on the show, starring as Dr. In the time since, she has started in two pilots, a reboot of is one the fans are still feeling. Cristina Yang, a surgeon who rises through the ranks over the before departing to work in Zurich (where we still bet she doesn't do her laundry).

Raver also left the show during the season eight finale, except, unlike Leigh, her character was not killed off.

Rather, she was fired from the hospital so she would accept a position at a military hospital (via ).

R., my colleagues, the fans of the show and especially the lesbian and gay community for using a word that is unacceptable in any context or circumstance." His apology didn't keep him on the show, though. ' other than start like making lunch for everybody." , Smith expressed shock at the fact that they were removing her character from the show.

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Regarding Isaiah Washington's 2006 scandal, Knight hinted that Rhimes may not have wanted him to publicly come out at the time, saying, "I think she was concerned about having my statement come out so close to the [initial] event." Rhimes later released a statement on Knight leaving the show, telling fans, "I think I speak for the entire Katherine Heigl's departure from the show was another messy situation.

She explained, "Creatively, I really feel like I gave it my all, and I feel ready to let her go." She also said that she had started thinking about leaving a year earlier, and it was something she went to "a lot of therapy" for because she needed to "emotionally let go" on her own. The two had joined the cast the season before as new interns at the hospital, and they were later promoted during season 10.