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21-Jan-2020 13:39

Frequency of marijuana use was categorised as never, less than or equal to once a day, and more than once a day.

Duration of use was categorised as never, one to five years and more than five years.

Don't they realize how strong and unpleasant the smell is?

It's far worse than cigarette or even cigar smoke.

It suggests that the drug's popularity in recent decades could lead to swaths of the population with cancer.

Teenagers in the Sixties - first to enjoy regular use of cannabis - are now reaching the age when such types of cancer are likely to occur.

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Participants were quizzed about past use of marijuana, tobacco and alcohol, plus workplace and environmental exposure to possible carcinogens.Among those who had used marijuana, the risk of head and neck cancer was 2.6 times greater than among those who never used it, even after adjusting for other risk factors such as alcohol and tobacco smoking.