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On cross examination the defense quizzed Mc Cray on his memory pertaining to the actual date of his allege encounter with Johnson.

When Mc Cray testified that Johnson had called him for help prior to Christmas, the defense poignantly exclaimed “no further questions” to highlight that Mc Cray’s testimony was suspect considering that Barnes had gone missing after Christmas on December 28, 2010.

If someone would have told me that the murder case of Phylicia Barnes would span several years I would not have believed them.

Sadly though, nearly three years after the book smart country girl from rural North Carolina went missing, her case continues to make it’s rounds through the Baltimore City Circuit Court System.

However, there may be other factors which could have created bias by police and judge Nance regarding the manner in which many of these suspicious and problematic issues failed to ever reach inclusion of the state’ summation of their charges against Johnson.

Johnson whose mother is a Baltimore City Police Officer, and Deena Barnes who was responsible for taking care of Phylicia while she stayed in Baltimore, also has a relative who is a city police officer as well.

In fact, the Barnes relative working for Baltimore police showed up at the apartment the day Phylicia was reported missing and began to conduct an unofficial investigation by questioning people.

It’s very compelling that the officer’s presence at the scene of the missing person call may have been crucial in avoiding the Barnes teen disappearance having been taken seriously.

Th older half sibling’s failure to convey to police at the very least, what she had previously witnessed Johnson attempt to do to Phylica, is highly probable that the investigation may have been directed toward Johnson as a suspect early on, and may have also resulted in the child being found alive.The obvious inconsistency in Mc Cray’s testimony pointed to serious credibility issues in the eyes of many, but others highlight the fact that despite the conflict in Mc Cray’s testimony on that issue, the state’ allegations charging that Johnson strangled the child, stripped her of her clothing (to avoid possible forensic evidence detection), and disposed of her body in water, is precisely and very consistent with the details Mc Cray testified to in open court surrounding the instructions and advice Mc Cray said he gave Johnson.