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13-Jan-2020 19:34

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Dating Challenges Dating challenges vary by age and disability.

When Finneman, who has been married for three years, reflects on his dating days, he finds it difficult to separate any awkwardness created by his disability from the general pitfalls any teen or young adult would face.

Finding one surefire approach to dating for people with disabilities is as difficult as nailing down one definition for disability.

“People with disabilities are the biggest minority group in the United States,” says Trevor Finneman, a 32-year-old attorney with hearing loss.

“Disability and confidence – or lack thereof – can go hand in hand with dating insecurities,” he says.

Finneman feels fortunate to have gone to law school, which helped his self-esteem.

Natalia Hawe, who serves on the board of directors of the Foothill Autism Alliance, anticipates challenges when her 13-year-old daughter, Sophia, starts dating.

It can also be thoroughly uncomfortable for young adults to talk to their parents about dating – disability or not.

“I started dating around the same time as most people,” he says.