Dating letters of st paul relative age dating concepts

08-Jul-2020 06:40

Some wings of the church today focus a large portion of their study of Scripture on the writings of Paul.

They believe his teachings about God and human kind, humanities plight, the need for salvation and the provision God has made through Christ for that salvation are better attested and elucidated in the letters of Paul than in any other major section of the Christian Scriptures.

But if the canon was not ultimately arranged in such a sequence then what kind of arrangement dictated this order.

The answer is a fairly mundane one, it appears that the letters were almost put exclusively in an order of decreasing length; an approach that was not unknown in other collections of documents written by a single individual in the ancient Greco-Roman world.

The second half of the Book of Acts focuses on the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul and so here we find yet another reason for placing Paul’s letter immediately following the Book of Acts.

Then comes the Epistle to the Hebrews which in the earliest manuscripts for many centuries had no description of authorship attached to it at all.

From the earliest years of Church history, Christians debated who the author of Hebrews was.

Or again in the 20th century of the towering theologian from German, Carl Bart who led a theological revolution away from the rampant liberalism of prevailing German thought of the first half of that century into what subsequently became known as neo-orthodoxy. What is it, about Paul, this man and his mission, his work and his writing that has proved so highly influential even more so at times than other inspired Scripture?

We may begin by referring to some biography for students who wish to do considerably more study than this short course permits. At an intermediate level, the long used textbook by F. Bruss, Paul, and Apostle of the Heart Set Free, still merits considerable scrutiny.Then there was Martin Luther, the first major Protestant reformer in the early 15th century who readings of Galatians and Romans in particularly led him to the conviction that significant teachings of the Roman Catholic Church in which he was raised and ministering were fundamentally misguided.

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